Local numbers show an uptick in the unemployment rate

ConstructionatStVs   The number of workers actively looking for jobs in Oregon continued to creep up last month. 
   According to the Oregon Employment Department, all three counties making up the Portland tri-county area experienced an increase in unemployment rates of .1 percent since August, leaving unemployment rates in September at 4.7 percent in Washington County, 4.9 percent in Mulnomah County, and 5.1 percent in Clackamas County.
  There are some bright spots in the latest report, most notably the addition of 1,900 construction jobs in the past year and 1,400 jobs providing "management of businesses and enterprises."
   The U.S. Census Bureau reported this month that the Portland metro area had one of the highest workforce participation rates in the country in 2015 - 9th overall with 71.6 percent of people ages 16 - 64 working.
   The Oregon Office of Economic Analysis' Josh Lehner reported on his blog this week that Oregon is at "fullish employment."
   Lehner said, "Oregon's labor market is as tight as it has been since the 1990s, although there still remains some slack. However, as noted previously, both unemployment and underemployment have returned to their pre-Great Recession or even their full employment positions."
  To read more of Lehner's update, click here.
  Finally, U of O Economist Tim Duy this week released his economic indicators for August.
  The Oregon Economic Summit is coming up next month.
  You can see more of Duy's and WEA's report by clicking the appropriate links.