Metro and Clackamas County to come to 50 year terms

ClackamasCountyReserves   The standstill over urban and rural reserves in Clackamas County may finally be moving towards a consensus.
    recently released a memo, directing their staffs to "quickly and collaboratively" finalize the designations of urban and rural reserves in Clackamas County.
   The memo directs the staffs to:
  • Address the remand from the Oregon Court of Appeals by revising and completing findings related to the four urban reserves in the Stafford area;
  • Schedule public hearings on the findings before the Metro Council and then the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners in the next few months; 
  • Work with Stafford area residents, property owners, businesses and adjacent cities to address needs and concerns about potential future development; and 
  • Support business development and job growth in already developing areas of the county (such as Milwaukie, Gladstone, Oregon City, Wilsonville and Happy Valley).
   The two leaders state in the memo, "Our intent is to adopt findings that address specific issues raised in the state court's review.  There will be no additional changes to the urban and rural reserves map in Clackamas County." 
   In 2008, the region's leaders began the reserves process to designate where growth can and cannot occur during a 50 year period, but some of it has been tied up in court remands.
   To read Hughes and Bernard's memo, click here.