Tualatin's State of the City - Tualatin is on the move
LouOgdenSOC   Tualatin Mayor Lou Ogden delivered his "State of the City" address this week.  
   The theme of the address was "Tualatin on the move."  
   Ogden talked about the importance of partnerships and collaboration for his city.  
   He said "Tualatin may have a river and a lake, but we're not on an island."  
   The Mayor gave a shout out to nearly everyone in the room, and he later said, "The only way you get things done is through these partnerships."  
   He touched on the new TriMet 97 line that runs along Tualatin/Sherwood Road; the 124th Avenue extension going to Wilsonville; employment lands and the Basalt Creek Parkway; the city's walkability improvements; Southwest Corridor planning; the city's low unemployment rate; and Tualatin's property tax rate being the lowest of all the cities in the metro area.  
   He said Tualatin residents get a good deal, because the business community pays half of the property taxes in the city.
   If you missed the address, you can still view the video that was shown during the presentation.