Forum drives home smart transportation future

SkipNewberryWilfredPinfoldSaraStiles   This week's WEA Breakfast Forum focused on the growing world of smart transportation.    The Technology Association of Oregon's Skip Newberry, Urban System Inc.'s Wilfred Pinfold, andIntel's Sara Stiles were part of a panel discussion, explaining how smarter transportation looks in the future for cities.
   Stiles explained how the number of devices in the world is growing and how those devices will send data to the cloud.
   She talked about the complexity of the data side of the transportation system.
   Newberry talked about how smart transportation takes multi-modes into consideration and how these will be interconnected.
   He also spoke about how planning and best practices will need to be developed around new transportation technology. 
   Pinfold said smart transportation will make the system more reliable and safe.
   He said people will be able to order an autonomous car for a ride through an app like today's Uber, and it will be ready to pick up the customer within a few minutes.
   Pinfold also showed what autonomous electric vehicles in a downtown will look like and how those vehicles will travel at speeds that take pedestrians into consideration.
   He also said there won't be a need for parking garages, which will help with density in the cities.
   The desire to move towards smarter transportation cities is being seen worldwide, according to Pinfold.
   To see photos from yesterday's forum, visit the WEA Facebook page.
TVCTV will also broadcast the program on cable access in about two weeks.  
   We will share the link when it's ready.  
   Thank you again to 
Intel for being our presenting sponsor and to Legacy Health as the forum series sponsor.