Bye, bye Mayor Willey - that's will-ee, not wy-lee

GoodbyeJerry   After eight years of being Hillsboro's Mayor, Jerry Willey was honored last night for his service to the city.
   The event was expected to be a roasting, especially given the Mayor's sense of humor, but many just wanted to thank Willey for all he has done and accomplished during his tenure.
   Jill Eiland, recently retired from Intel, stood and thanked Willey for his leadership in creating an atmosphere where companies, such as Intel, want to invest billions of dollars.
   The Hillsboro Chamber's Deanna Palm spoke of attending ribbon cuttings with Willey and conversations with other leaders.
   One highlight of Willey's time in office was when he met with President Obama and Governor Kitzhaber to tour Intel in 2011.
   During last night's event, there were a few occasional jabs at the Mayor.
   Deanna Palm shared a story about running late for a ribbon cutting ceremony and riding with Mayor Willey, who made a U-Turn in the middle of Cornell Road.
   When she told him he couldn't make a U-Turn, he told her it was okay because he was "the freakin' Mayor" - obviously said out of frustration and humor.
   His family and others poked fun at Willey's desire to change the one-way streets back to two-way in the downtown, which didn't happen.
   Overall though, many in the audience expressed their sentiments of a job well done to the Mayor.  
   Current Hillsboro Mayor Steve Callaway announced plans for Orenco Station's plaza to be renamed Jerry Willey Plaza at Orenco Station.
   The formal renaming ceremony should take place this spring.
   Callaway joked he hoped Willey would be in town because it was happening with or without him.
   WEA would like to thank Mayor Willey for serving on its Board of Directors for the last eight years and for being an engaged member.