TVF&R issues AEDs for off-duty staff

ImageofVerifiedResponderInvitationonSmartPhone 2   Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue is partnering with the PulsePoint Foundation, the International Association of Firefighters Local 1660, and Philips Healthcare (the manufacturer of the automated external defibrillator - AED) to launch the Verified Responder Pilot Program.
   The program activates off-duty firefighters to respond to cardiac arrest calls.
   Philips Healthcare is loaning every participating firefighter an AED.
   By having the AED readily available, they can employ the same technology that is used by emergency medical responders and physicians to restart a heart that has stopped beating. 
   Each year, approximately 350,000 cardiac arrests occur outside a hospital setting in the U.S. 
   According to the American Heart Association, nearly 90 percent of these events prove fatal, and the chance of survival decreases by 10 percent with every passing minute without CPR.
   This program through the PulsePoint app is hoping to change these odds.
   To learn more about the PulsePoint app and how it works, click on the video below.