Truax & Dalin team up for "State of the City"

Jeff Dalin   Cornelius Mayor Jeff Dalin and Forest Grove Mayor Pete Truax joined forces this week for their annual "State of the City" addresses.  
   Dalin said his city is doing well.
   He talked about Cornelius' great neighbors in the cities of Forest Grove and Hillsboro and the importance of working together.
   Dalin highlighted the Laurel Woods development that will come online this summer, adding 900 new homes to the city.
   This property was brought into the urban growth boundary in 2014.  
   Along with this development, Cornelius is looking at 200 additional homes being built in other subdivisions.   
   With Laurel Wood, these developments are expected to bring 4,000 new residents to Cornelius.
   Dalin said the city will soon have a "shovel ready" industrial site on its north side that will soon be advertised to potential developers.
   In his address, the Mayor also touched on the city's economic opportunity analysis; the police contract; and the proposed new library, which will contain mixed-use retail and an affordable housing project.

FG Mayor Pete Truax   Forest Grove Mayor Truax touched on the importance of partnerships in getting things done.  
   "Good things happen when people work together," Truax said.
   He touched on several road improvement projects as a result of partnerships with Washington County and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).  
   Truax also boasted about his city's full services in terms of water and electricity.
   He said the value of building permits pulled in Forest Grove in 2016 was at a value of $22 million.
   The Mayor said the city is working to face the challenges that are put in front of it, such as affordable housing, homelessness, and economic development and jobs.