Business B4 Breakfast tours Sheldon Manufacturing

Dan Sheldons bday muffin   WEA is fortunate to have Sheldon Manufacturing as a member and yesterday's host of Business B4 Breakfast.
   Company President Dan Sheldon celebrated his birthday by welcoming WEA members to come and tour his business.
   Attendees learned about some of Sheldon Manufacturing's up and coming products, like shelving units that require no tools for assembly, and some of the company's long lasting items, like medical incubators.

Engineering Room at Sheldon   The company works with customers from around the world to custom design products.
   It also manufactures bead baths, humidity test chambers, laboratory ovens, and anaerobic chambers.
   Sheldon Manufacturing is a supplier for the life science, pharmaceutical, biomedical, environmental and industrial markets.
   It's been in the manufacturing business since 1970 and employs about 120 people with the average person being on staff for 15 years.
   To see photos from yesterday's event, please visit WEA's Facebook page.
   Thank you again to Sheldon Manufacturing and to all who attended this insightful event.