Wilsonville sets a record for building in 2016

Wilsonville Home Being Built   The City of Wilsonville saw new private- and public-sector construction activity totaling $143.7 million in value in 2016, while issuing 593 building permits.
   It's the the greatest value of construction since the city's incorporation in 1969, representing nearly double the 10 year average of $78.6 million.

   Wilsonville Mayor Tim Knapp said, "Wilsonville's success is based on smart, collaborative planning with private-sector businesses and other local governments to build a great community with a range of residential living options and job opportunities - together with quality public infrastructure that serves development."
   New residential construction was worth $76.3 million, with home builders pulling 317 building permits.
   Most of this was in the Villebois neighborhood.
   New commercial/ industrial construction was valued at $39.7 million.
   To read more, see this statement from the City of Wilsonville.