Building on housing strategies learned in the Silicon Valley


Carl Guardino   WEA welcomed Silicon Valley Leadership Group's Carl Guardino to its November Breakfast Forum stage.  
   Guardino with a smile in his voice and a positive persona shared with the audience some of his experience dealing with the steep cost of housing down in the Bay Area.
   The Executive Director of Silicon Valley Leadership Group is a founder of a housing trust that raised $20 million in two years through voluntary contributions back in 2000.
   Guardino said when he and other key leaders looked at establishing a fund for housing, it was shot down, but there was one person in the group who believed it could happen through voluntary contributions or fundraising.
   He said it was daunting, but he's found it's okay to take on tasks that scare you a little bit.
   The Housing Trust Silicon Valley has brought more than 15,000 housing opportunities to more than 27,000 people, since its inception 17 years ago.
   It also focuses on three components of housing - homelessness, renting, and home ownership.
   There were a number of great takeaways from Guardino's presentation.  
   The one that seemed to resonate the most with people, especially in today's political climate, was when Guardino said people tend to agree on things about 95 percent of the time, but focus on the 5 percent they disagree about.
   He said if you focused on the 95 percent, you could accomplish a lot.
   To learn more about Guardino's presentation, you can read Peter Wong's article in the Portland Tribune; see the slides from the presentation; and view photos from the event on WEA's Facebook page.
  WEA wants to thank Intel for being the presenting sponsor, and Legacy Health, the Community Housing Fund, and NOAH (Network for Oregon Affordable Housing) for its sponsorship.