Pro-Business Voice

Westside Economic Alliance provides services to keep the region vital and attractive to economic development and expansion. We actively interface with issues that may have an impact on the health of the local economy at an early stage, making sure that the pro-business voice is heard.

The Alliance alleviates the need for our members to devote extensive effort studying and advocating endless local, regional, and state governmental proposals. The Alliance demonstrates that an intelligent, cooperative approach to the governmental and public processes can yield real benefits to the business community, and that there is strength in numbers. The Alliance's respected position guarantees that our voice will be considered as we advocate for or against programs and positions related to land use, transportation, education, and economic development.

External Relations and Promotions

Westside Economic Alliance promotes the Westside as a favorable location to locate and/or expand a business, by working closely with Business Oregon (the state's economic development department), the Portland Development Commission, and the local city and county governments on business recruitment efforts. The Alliance promotes the region as an attractive place to do business, with a high quality of life and an enlightened business community.This cooperative effort sends a strong, positive message about the working relationship of the businesses and communities on the Westside to those seeking new site locations.

Public Affairs and Advocacy

Westside Economic Alliance is often testifying in front of governmental bodies such as the Oregon State Legislature, Metro, county commissions, and city councils, representing the interests of westside businesses and local communities.

Membership Support Services

Westside Economic Alliance offers a variety of services to inform members about current issues and proposals taking shape that could place constraints on the region's future economic development, growth, and/or livability.The Alliance's monthly Breakfast Forum Series addresses issues of timely concern to Westside businesses and communities. Experts from both the private and public sectors are asked to share their expertise on topics of interest to members, such as transportation funding, urban growth boundary expansion, and political debates by candidates and on a variety of legislative proposals.These forums are designed to adequately inform our members and the public, so they are prepared to take a position on issues that may have an impact on their businesses and/or communities.The Alliance also keeps members up-to-date on economic and legislative news, regional market trends and developments, and Alliance committee updates and activities through frequent email blasts.