Land Use Committee talks about urban growth management


Elissa Gertler and Ted Reid   Metro's Ted Reid and Elissa Gertler joined WEA's Land Use & Housing Committee this week to share information on Metro's approach to urban growth management.
   When it comes to urban growth management decisions, Gertler said Metro is moving away from the academic exercise and taking a more practical look at how expansions should occur.
   Reid said Metro has seen land brought into the urban growth boundary (UGB) and sit undeveloped for years.
   Metro is now recognizing land needs to have private and public investment before it can be added to the supply.
   Some would say this is a way to avoid another Damascus, where the land is brought inside the UGB and it's not ideal for development.
   Gertler said this is why Metro is now asking cities for concept planning and to show it's meeting the goals the Council has set for expansions to occur in urban reserves.
   Metro also recently went to the State Legislature to testify on a bill (HB 2095) that would give it more flexibility in approving small expansions mid-cycle.
   Gertler said it's a rare moment when you have representatives of the Home Builders Association, Metro, and 1000 Friends in the room to testify in support of a land use bill in Salem.
   For more information on the urban growth management process, please visit Metro's website.