Upgrading MAX tracks could crimp commuters' travel plans


TriMet video   If you ride TriMet's MAX, you are probably going to experience some disruptions to your commute for a few weeks.
   TriMet is making improvements to the MAX tracks on SW Morrison and Yamhill streets in downtown Portland and like any good remodeling project, this will cause some disruptions to service between April 30 and May 20.
   The mass transit agency is forewarning the public that trains will be crowded and run less frequently.  
   Officials are encouraging commuters to consider alternate options for their commute.
   Here's what you need to know if you are riding from or to the Westside:

  1. The Red Line will not be running on the Westside.
  2. The Blue Line will be running every 10 minutes during peak hours and 15 minutes all other times.
  3. All Blue Line trains coming into downtown from the west will be stopping service at Providence Park, where riders will need to transfer to shuttle buses to continue their commute.

   To learn more, visit Trimet's website.