Transportation package focus of committee meeting


Transportation Committee 5 10 17   The WEA Transportation Committee met with Washington County's Jim McCauley and TriMet's Bernie Bottomly this month to learn more about the proposed state transportation package.  
   Legislators released their $8.2 billion proposal this week for state transportation investments.
   The package includes fixing the three major bottlenecks in the Portland region - Highway 217, the I-5 Rose Quarter, and the Abernethy Bridge on I-205.
   Funding for this would come from multiple sources, including a phased in increase of the gas tax, registration fee, and title fee.
   It would also include an excise tax on new vehicles and adult bikes; tolling of I-5 and I-205; and a state payroll tax.
   McCauley explained to the committee the "50,30, 20 split."
   This is where 50 percent of the revenue generated would go to the state, 30 percent to counties, and 20 percent to cities for transportation projects.
   TriMet's Bernie Bottomly also talked about a regional transportation package that would increase funding for the Portland metro area.
   This would include funding for maintaining and improving state highways, like TV Highway, that are state owned and are main thoroughfares for the region, but tend to be low priority for the state, which is focused more on interstate highways.
   To see the PowerPoint slides of the proposed state transportation package, click here