The quarterly state economic forecast is released

Watch me work graphic   The Oregon Office of Economic Analysis released its May 2017 economic and revenue forecast.  
   It shows good news, but brings questions with it.   
   In the near term, the state's economists say "nearly all signs point toward continued growth." 
   Unfortunately, the outlook has some uncertainty, mainly because of federal policy. 
   The state economists said Oregon's job growth has slowed down, but it is keeping pace with the population growth - it's just not the gang busters of nearly twice the national rate we were seeing. 
   Economist Josh Lehner said in his blog, "Oregon's economy is hitting the sweet spot, which only happens at or near full employment. Wages for workers are rising faster. In a tight labor market, firms must cast a wider net to fill openings. As such, job candidates who were previously passed over when unemployment was high are now finding work, this includes middle-aged Oregonians, the long-term unemployed, and the like. Importantly, these factors combine to generate strong household income gains in recent years. As such housing affordability has largely stopped getting worse, and poverty rates and needs-base caseloads are falling."  
   To read more, see Lehner's blog.