Housing Summit kicks off Housing Month


US Sen Merkley   It's June, and that means it is Housing Month at WEA.
   WEA kicked off the month long focus on housing with a Housing Summit, hosted by the City of Beaverton.
   U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley began the event and spoke about the federal budget.
   Merkley listed several programs that are looking at being zeroed out in the President's budget.  
   The Senator said he wants to work towards giving every family an opportunity to live in a decent home in a decent community.
   After Senator Merkley's presentation, Economist Jerry Johnson from Johnson Economics talked about the economics of housing.  
   He said supply is the biggest problem when it comes to affordability of housing.
   Johnson said increasing any type of supply would benefit the whole system.  
   He also said workforce training is an issue as the construction industry faces a shortage of workers.
   The Housing Summit also had three break out sessions where the topics of discussion included: the cost of housing; housing and employment; and the social aspects of housing.