Local numbers going low, low, low


Jagged down arrow   Washington County is enjoying employment levels not seen since 1995.
   According to the Oregon Employment Department's latest job figures, the unemployment rate in Washington County has slipped to 3.0 percent, while Clackamas County was at 3.2 percent and Multnomah County at 3.1 percent.
   This marked the lowest (seasonally adjusted) unemployment rate since the summer of 1995, when the population of Washington County was 200,000 fewer residents.
   Public and private sector employers in Washington County have been actively hiring, adding 4,800 new jobs to local payrolls since May 2016.
   Particularly strong growth continues in construction and in transportation and warehousing and utilities sectors.
   There were 1,100 new jobs being added to both categories in these past 12 months.  
   An additional 1,000 jobs were filled in professional and business service occupations.
   Manufacturing employment in Washington County has rebounded to 49,000 active positions last month.
   This matches recent highs - recorded in May of 2016 and approaches our Washington County's record levels of 49,100 manufacturing jobs, recorded in August and September 2006.
   To see more details, please refer to the WEA demographic and economic indicators, Emily Starbuck's Washington County report, or U of O's Tim Duy's economic indicators.