Sims brings energy, compassion to forum audience


Ron Sims at Forum   The former deputy secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Ron Sims, addressed WEA members and guests this week as part of the WEA Housing Month.
  He talked about housing, planning, and equity. 
  Sims complimented the Portland region and spoke about the Pacific Northwest as being an economic treasure.
   He drove home the point that it takes everyone to improve a region and to make it the best it can be.
  Sims said a region needs to be inviting to all - embracing diversity is key to a thriving economy.
  It's important to find common ground, common values, and common respect, according to Sims.  

  He said it's important to simply listen.
  Sims said the best way to stop intergenerational poverty is to make sure everyone has access to public transit.  

  The former deputy secretary also said he has seen data that shows neighborhood health is better in areas where there are more green spaces.

  WEA wants to thank Metro for being the presenting sponsor of this event.
  To see photos, please visit the WEA Facebook page.
  TVCTV will have a video production of this program available in about two weeks.