Congresswoman Bonamici talks issues with forum crowd


Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici   Congresswoman Bonamici took several questions and talked openly with WEA members and guests during August's Breakfast Forum.  
   She talked about education, workforce development, and housing, but when attendees were allowed to ask questions, it was transportation that was the hot topic.  
  Given that Congress cannot earmark funds, Bonamici said she recognizes the important role TIGER grants play in getting funding for local projects.  
  She also said she recognizes the importance of keeping discussions moving about public transit and federal transportation dollars.
   One question asked was about working in the current climate in Washington, D.C.
   She reminded the audience there are three branches of government, and remarked how Congress has passed bills that the President did sign in his first 100 days in office.
   Bonamici said she is concerned about the amount of current openings in the State Department, saying we need diplomacy right now.
   The Congresswoman and her colleagues head back to Washington, D.C. after Labor Day.