Business B4 Breakfast sparkles at Swire Coca-Cola, USA


Business B4 Breakfast Video   WEA's Business B4 Breakfast series, presented by Umpqua Bank, toured Swire Coca-Cola, USA in Wilsonville in September.  
   Members attending the event learned about the Swire family and their growing business.
   According to Swire's Jeff Deitrick, the company took over operations at the Wilsonville facility in May.
   It employs about 600 people and bottles numerous Coca-Cola products.  
   The tour featured the fascinating bottling, storage, and quality control operations at the facility.

   One interesting takeaway was how small the water bottles are before the filling process begins.   

baby water bottle

   These small little bottles are heated and expanded with air to make a full size water bottle.
   One participants said she found it interesting to hear the facility subtracts and adds to the water in creating Dasani and other products, so it tastes the same no matter where you purchase it in the world.
   To see photos of yesterday's tour, visit the WEA Facebook page.
   WEA wants to thank Umpqua Banks for sponsoring and Swire Coca-Cola for hosting this event.
   If you have a suggestion of a facility or business where Business B4 Breakfast should tour, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..