Economists expect economic expansion for 2+ years 


U of O Econ Forum   The University of Oregon hosted its annual Economic Forum recently, and Economist Tim Duy provided an optimistic outlook.  
   Duy referred to the current economy as being in the "sweet cycle."  
   With the economy doing well for so long, some have questioned whether we're nearing the end of our good fortune.  
   Key Bank Chief Strategist Bruce McCain joined Duy on stage, and they both agreed they expect this economic growth to continue for another two years or more.
   Duy said if predictions are true, this economic expansion will be one for the record books.
   McCain said he anticipates when the next recession does hit that it will be mild given that most people are still careful and conservative after experiencing the last recession.  
   He said it's not a time when you see excess supplies.  
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