The future of TriMet's MAX lines


MAX pulling into the station  TriMet is looking to the future of its light rail lines, specifically the Southwest Corridor and the Red Line in Washington County. 
   The transit agency is inviting the public to weigh in on the route for the Southwest Corridor.  
   Trimet released a new online map this week that let's people give their opinion on where the light rail line should run between Southwest Portland and Tualatin.  
   At the same time, TriMet is looking to possibly extend the Red Line to the Washington County Fairgrounds in Hillsboro.  
   Currently, the Red Line runs between the Portland International Airport (PDX) and the Beaverton Transit Center.  
   By extending the Red Line about nine more miles, it would allow passengers to ride further on the Westside without having to transfer to the Blue Line at the Beaverton Transit Center, and it would allow the Red Line to service 10 more stations.
   Some reports say this would also improve the light rail system's overall timing and balance out the passengers who wait to ride the Blue Line.
   TriMet is also hoping to gain some federal funding for the extension project.
   To read more about the Red Line, see this article in the Portland Tribune or the PowerPoint presentation recently made to TriMet's Board of Directors.  
   To weigh in on the SW Corridor route, click here.