Make room for some new neighbors & friends


Moving Trucks   Portland State University's Population Research Center has released its preliminary population counts for 2016-2017, and it shows growth in every county in the state.  
   According to the new estimates, Oregon has welcomed 64,750 new residents in 2017.
   This would be equivalent to a new Tigard and about half of a Tualatin combined.  
   Washington County experienced a 2.1 percent growth rate and is estimated to now be home to 595,860 people -12,265 of them joined the county's population in the past 12 months.  
   Clackamas County welcomed 8,020 new Oregonians to its side of the region, which is a 2.0 percent increase since July 1, 2016.
   The total estimated population for Clackamas County is now 413,000.  
   PSU researchers say most of the growth (88 percent) is from migration and not from births.
   The Oregon Office of Economic Analysis' Josh Lehner said in his blog, "These numbers matter considerably because they are the official state estimates used for distributing shared revenues, land use laws, and the like."  
   WEA agrees, especially as the region continues to plan for growth.
   To see Lehner's blog, click here.  
   For PSU's preliminary population estimates by county and/or cities, click here.