Local numbers, what does it all mean?


Jobs Graphic   The region's unemployment rate continues to do the limbo thing and stay low, low, low.

   Washington County's unemployment rate, according to the Oregon Employment Department, was 3.4 percent in April, which is basically the same rate as a year ago, but employers in the county have added 4,200 jobs in the last 12 months.
   According to Washington County Workforce Analyst Emily Starbuck, transportation and warehousing led industry employment growth, manufacturing added the most jobs over the year. 
   She said a legislatively mandated reclassification of home care workers from state government to private health care influenced the growth in education and health services, while declining in government employment.
    To see more data, click on one of the following reports: WEA's economic indicators, Emily Starbuck's Washington County report, Christian Kaylor's Portland report, Lynn Wallis' Clackamas County report, and/or University of Oregon Economist Tim Duy's March Economic Indicators.