Voters will see housing bond measure on November ballot


Tigard Affordable Housing   Campaigns and messages are starting to formulate around Metro's affordable housing bond.
  The Metro Council voted unanimously earlier this month to put the housing bond on the November ballot.
  The measure is at a rate of $0.24 per $1,000 of assessed value or about $60 per year for the average homeowner and would provide housing for 12,000 people.
   This was proposed to help address the pinch the region is feeling when it comes to housing costs.
   "We have a moral imperative to help families who are struggling - because it's who we are as Oregonians," said Metro Council President Tom Hughes. "This is a program that helps seniors, helps families, helps veterans and helps our community as a whole."
   This is an issue WEA will be discussing with its Board and committees in the coming weeks.
   To learn more, visit Metro's website.