No Pot-holelandia on the Westside, roads get attention


Bethany Road Construction   The Washington County Board of Commissioners approved the 2018-19 Road Maintenance Program, which will allow preventative maintenance treatments in the coming fiscal year.
   Maintenance done now will preserve the pavement and extend the life of the road, ultimately saving tax dollars.
   Maintenance activities for the coming fiscal year include:
  • Paving of more than 10 miles of the major roads and 14 miles of local roads;
  • Performing 22 miles of chip seal on 21 road segments;
  • Placing about 7,500 tons of asphaltic concrete, while machine patching portions of 19 rural roads;
  • Continuing Phase 3 of the Hagg Lake Perimeter Roads Improvement project;
  • Shoulder work and resurfacing of River Road between Scholls Ferry and Farmington roads;
  • Sweeping about 120 miles of shoulders in the Riparian Management Areas;
  • Sweeping about 140 miles of urban and rural bike lanes;
  • Cleaning and servicing more than 400 drainage structures;
  • And providing slurry seal applications on about 20 miles of local streets in the Urban Road Maintenance District.
   "Our crews do a great job maintaining and repairing Washington County's roadways," said Director of Land Use & Transportation Andrew Singelakis. "They are responsive to constituent needs and work hard to improve safety for all travelers."