Transportation Conference full of discussion, ideas


Roger Millar and Matt Garrett   WEA Transportation Conference brought together current and past transportation leaders from Washington, Oregon, and the federal level.  
   Keynote speaker and former Deputy Secretary of U.S. Transportation John Porcari talked about the challenges of funding today's transportation system and the importance of building for the generations to come.
   ODOT Director Matt Garrett and Washington Secretary of Transportation Roger Millar spoke about the importance of funding maintenance for the current infrastructure.
   WEA Transportation Committee Chairman Frank Angelo said, "It was a great conference.  There are very few opportunities to hear from the transportation leaders of both Washington and Oregon, plus a former leader of the U.S. Department of Transportation.  This was all underscored by the panelists, who painted a picture of what it takes to build, maintain, and fund a world class transportation system."  
   The two panels drove home the need to find better funding and to look to what the future may hold in transportation, especially when it comes to technology.  
   Special thanks to Otak for sponsoring.  
   Otak's Brian Burby said, "Otak was honored to be the key sponsor of WEA's Transportation Conference.  What a valuable program Pam and her staff put together for the benefit of so many!  We look forward to working with WEA and their members on future issues and events." 
   To see photos from the conference, visit the WEA Facebook page.