Woodstove replacement program is on fire


woodstove exchange program   As the region transitions back into a cooler weather pattern, many residents will be turning to wood stoves to keep warm.
   Last year Washington County started a wood stove exchange program, where residents in the county could apply for financial assistance to switch out an old stove for a more efficient and cleaner burning stove.
   The program's goal for its first year was to replace 50 old wood stoves, but it has surpassed that goal by a lot.
  It has received more than 320 application and has exchanged 134 wood stoves.
  The program was started to help improve the air quality during the winter month's when the air becomes stagnant in the valley.
   What it has done is open a door to educating those who have wood stoves.
   Many residents were not aware of the moisture content or the amount of smoke it results in when bringing wood in directly from outside.  
   According to the county's "Year One Report," replacement stoves have prevented emissions of literally tons of pollutants.  
   To learn more, visit the Wood Stove Exchange program's website.