Two key leaders announce they are retiring


Joe Robertson MD MBA   OHSU President Dr. Joe Robertson and TriMet General Manager Neil McFarlane both announced that they will be retiring - both have been popular past WEA forum speakers.  
   Robertson was recently diagnosed with a mild form of Multiple Sclerosis and is planning to retire at the end of this month, but he has offered to continue serving as OHSU's president until June of next year.
   "My purpose in offering to serve into retirement is to ensure continuity for OHSU during the search for the next president," Robertson said. 
   The OHSU Board of Directors will consider the proposal at its October 26 meeting.  
   Robertson has been with OHSU for 40 years, 11 years as President.
Neil McFarlane    At TriMet, McFarlane is expected to retire at the beginning of next year.  
   McFarlane is 65 and has been with TriMet since 1991.  
   He took over as the GM in 2010 and has been engaged in transit issues across the region, including on the Westside.  
   Under his leadership, the Westside Enhancement Plan was developed and a more sustainable financial path for the agency.  
   "Neil's leadership guided the agency out of the Great Recession, improved financial stability and built the foundation to successfully expand service and modernize the system," said President of the TriMet Board of Directors, Bruce Warner.   
   McFarlane said, "My work is not yet done. TriMet has a bright and busy road ahead, and I pledge to continue in high gear until my last day."