New report shows big gains in Westside wages


Pay day on the calendar  The Oregon Employment Department released a report on Oregon wages that compares income from 2006 to 2016 with an adjustment for inflation.
   According to this report, 29 of Oregon's 36 counties saw an increase in wages.
   Over the 10 year period, Washington County had one of the biggest increases with nearly $7.000 added to the annual average wage after being adjusted for inflation.
  This brought the average wage in 2016 to nearly $66,000 in Washington County.  
   The report states both Multnomah and Washington counties represent about a third of the state's population and about half of the payroll.  
   To see the report, click here

   You can also read more in the following economic indicator reports: Christian Kaylor's for Portland; Lynn Wallis' for Clackamas County; and Emily Starbuck's for Washington County