WEA Board of Directors meets to discuss Metro Housing Bond and the Constitutional Amendment measures


8.22.18   On Wednesday of this week, the WEA Board met to discuss the Metro Housing Bond, Measure 26-199 and the Constitutional Amendment, Measure 102. 
   During the meeting, the Board first learned about the Constitutional Amendment from Megan Wever. 
   Metro Councilor Craig Dirksen then provided information on the Metro Housing Bond followed by Chair Andy Duyck from the "Affordable Housing for Who?" campaign.
   Last Wednesday, WEA held an all committee meeting to hear the pro and con arguments for both the Metro Housing Bond and the Constitutional Amendment. 
   The chairs of the committees brought the member comments to the Board for review.
   After considerable discussion on both measures, the Board voted to endorse Measure 102 to amend the State Constitution, which will allow for public private partnerships in creating more affordable housing.
   The WEA Board recognizes the housing crisis in our region and understands the need to address the issue. However, given the diverse viewpoints of the Board of Directors on the approach that the Metro bond presents, they voted to stay neutral and not take a position on Metro's affordable housing bond.