Researching mobility and economic prosperity


Somewhere in Hillsboro   How much does a neighborhood or a region matter when it comes to economic opportunity? 
   Harvard researchers and the Census Bureau recently collaborated on an analysis featured in the New York Times that maps collected data on neighborhoods nationwide. 
   It's not a crystal ball, but this data gives a snapshot of children's future possibilities when it comes to economic prosperity. 
   Harvard Economist Raj Chetty was one of the researchers on this project, and he will be speaking at the Oregon Business Plan's Leadership Summit next month. 
   Inspired by Chetty's work, WEA is working with Washington County, Clean Water Services, PGE and other public and private partners to conduct a study about Washington County called Growing Up. 
   Growing Up will look at economic mobility through the lens of Westside residents and learn from their experiences. 
   To be a part of this study, you can answer a DHM Research online survey