It's a wrap on elections 2018


Collecting ballots 2   Ballot boxes were getting stuffed before November elections's deadline, as officials counted 1.87 million Oregon ballots - 69.88 percent were returned statewide and 69.28 percent in Washington County.
   It's one of the largest midterm returns Oregon has seen in terms of numbers, but percentagewise it didn't quite break 2010's 71.9 percent voter turnout.
   WEA endorsed Measure 102, and it passed, allowing bond funds to be used in public private partnerships to build affordable housing.
  The Metro affordable housing bond also passed, as did Tigard Tualatin School District's levy renewal.
  In January, Washington County will have a new chair for it's Board of Commissioners with Kathryn Harrington winning the seat.
  The City of Tigard will have a new mayor in Jason Snider, and Frank Bubenik will slide over into the mayor's chair in Tualatin.
  Harrington, Snider, and Bubenik will also be on WEA's Board of Directors.
  To see more of the returns, check Washington County's election returns or the statewide returns.