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Intersections: Housing & Transportation



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Carl Guardino
Silicon Valley Leadership Group
Mariia Zimmerman
MZ Strategies

   Housing and transportation impacts absenteeism and worker productivity. What do employers need to know to address these issues? 
   Join WEA as it looks at the connection between housing and transportation during an all day conference, featuring keynote speakers Carl Guardino of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and Mariia Zimmerman of MZ Strategies. Other speakers include: 
  • Renee Bruce, Community Action
  • Ryan Curren, City of Portland and board member of MRG
  • Dan Dias, City of Hillsboro
  • Mimi Doukas, AKS Engineering & Forestry
  • Rachael Duke, CPAH
  • Sheila Greenlaw-Fink, Community Housing Fund
  • Molly Haynes, Kaiser Permanente
  • Jerry Johnson, Johnson Economics
  • Lorelei Juntunen, ECONorthwest
  • Komi Kalevor, Washington County
  • Doug Kelsey, TriMet General Manager
  • Jeremy Koehler at HealthShare Oregon
  • Jeanne Lawson, JLA
  • Nolan Lienhart, ZGF
  • Tom Markgraf, TriMet
  • Felicita Monteblanco, Virginia Garcia and THPRD
  • Eric Peterson, Newland Communities
  • Lynn Peterson, Metro President-elect
  • Stephen Roberts, Washington County
  • Dan Valliere, REACH
  • Bruce Warner, TriMet Board 
   There will be breakout sessions with local panelists that will explore topics such as:
  • “More density please. How focusing development in corridors influences transportation choices and housing affordability / availability”
  • “How are you feeling? Do transportation projects and housing choices affect community health?”

  • “It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood. How public investments and policies impact neighborhoods”

  • “New places / New spaces. How will UGB expansion areas positively influence housing choices, affordability and economic development?”
   The conference will include breakfast, lunch, and a happy hour reception. Please join us Wednesday, October 3 at the Embassy Suites in Tigard.

   To register, please call the WEA office at 503-968-3100.


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Location Embassy Suites (9000 S.W. Washington Square Rd., Tigard, OR 97223)
Contact Teresa Dunham