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National Hispanic Heritage Month recognizes the histories, cultures and contributions Hispanic and Latino people have made in the United States. The festivities begin Sept. 15 and end Oct. 15, lining up with the dates when several Latin American countries gained independence. Legacy Health observes Hispanic Heritage Month to honor, serve and celebrate its patients, employees and communities.


From a healthcare perspective, this month is a time to shed light on the health disparities members of our Hispanic communities face. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cite Hispanics compared to non-Hispanic whites as 50% more likely to die from diabetes or liver disease, three times more likely to be uninsured, and 22% less likely to have controlled high blood pressure. These health outcomes worsened during COVID-19.


One way Legacy aims to decrease the equity gap in health care for Hispanic patients is by working with interpreters to reduce language barriers and provide culturally sensitive counsel for patients whose preferred language is not English. In an effort to reach members of our community who have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Legacy Health hosted over 40 mobile vaccination clinics and administered over 2,600 vaccines to help increase vaccination rates among Hispanic and farmworker communities.


As you think of ways to maintain or improve your health this month, we encourage you to engage your senses in the bright colors, tasty food, lively music and art of Hispanic culture!  These life-enriching experiences align with Legacy’s mission of good health for our people, our patients, our communities and our world.


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