Wilsonville "State of the City"


Wilsonville Mayor Tim Knapp   Mayor Tim Knapp of Wilsonville recently delivered his "State of the City" address.
   Knapp focused on issues such as good community design, economic development, housing, and transportation.

   He said one of the council's long term objectives is to have community design that encourages social interaction by connecting residential areas, institutions (schools and libraries), and public spaces.
   The Mayor also said it was important to have thoughtful land use planning that would manage the city's growth, while protecting the environment.
   When it comes to housing, he still would like to see Wilsonville have a variety of housing types for all different stages of life.
  The Villebois residential area is nearly complete.
  Knapp said the city is turning its attention to Frog Pond next, where the city is asking Metro for an expansion of the urban growth boundary on the east and south side of the Frog Pond area.
   With transportation, the Mayor said Interstate 5 appears to be at maximum capacity, and Wilsonville cannot absorb the overflow.
   Knapp said he would like to see a more in depth study done of I-5 from Highway 217 to the Boone Bridge.
   Knapp also talked about connecting residents in the form of roadways and mentioned the proposed French Prairie Bridge - a possible bike/pedestrian and emergency vehicle bridge over the Willamette River west of the I-5 Boone Bridge.
  The Mayor reported that Wilsonville is a growing city with 24,000 residents and 21,000 jobs.
  Half of these jobs are in high wage sectors such as manufacturing, software, engineering, and warehouse distribution.
  To see Knapp's PowerPoint presentation, click here.