Washington County workers earn highest wages in Oregon


Sheldon Worker   Washington County is often referred to as "the economic engine of the state," because of the growing number of jobs and comparatively high wages earned here.      
   Manufacturing has become the foundation for the county's success, with more than 800 companies paying an average of $110,774 per worker and total wages approaching $5.4 billion last year. 
   In fact, manufacturing employment in Washington County reached new record highs in 2017, and now account for one quarter of all manufacturing jobs currently held in the Oregon.
   The diversified manufacturing base with attractive wages and benefits helped establish Washington County as having the highest average wage earnings among 36 Oregon counties last year, according to a new report compiled by the Oregon Employment Department. 
   In 2017, the average annual wage earned in Washington County was $68,180 - an increase of 3.44 percent.
  Neighboring workers in Multnomah County had an average annual wage of $57,186 and Clackamas County $51,721.
  The average annual wage in Oregon was $52,132 in 2017.