COO supports cities' requests for UGB expansions


UGB Expansion Areas    Metro's Chief Operating Officer Martha Bennett is recommending the Metro Council approve four proposals to expand the urban growth boundary near the cities of Hillsboro, Beaverton, King City, and Wilsonville.  
   "These cities have demonstrated governance, infrastructure and market factors that will lead to housing development," Bennett said. "All four cities are working to reduce barriers to development in their existing urban areas and seeking to improve their engagement with diverse communities." 
   Altogether, the four proposed expansions areas equate to nearly 2,200 acres with enough room for 9,200 possible homes.
   Beaverton's request is the largest at 1,242 acres with the possibility of 3,760 future homes in the Cooper Mountain area.
   The Metro Council is expected to vote on the proposed expansion areas by the end of the year.
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