Economic outlook going into 2019


Economy Gears   As 2019 begins, the economic wheels continue to spin. 
   Word in the economic world is the economy is still expected to grow in 2019, just at a slower pace than 2018. 
   All of the economists WEA has heard from in the past days and weeks have said they do not see a recession on the horizon. 
  Here in the Portland region, the local analysts have released their data for November 2018. 
   Washington County Workforce Analyst Emily Starbuck reports, "Washington County's unemployment rate was 3.4 percent in November 2018, nearly unchanged from last year. This is the longest run of unemployment at or below 3.5 percent since the mid-1990s." 
   Over in Clackamas County, the unemployment rate dropped to 3.6 percent and in Multnomah County, 4 percent in November.
   To read more, turn to these reports: Emily Starbuck's for Washington County; Lynn Wallis' for Clackamas County; Christian Kaylor's for Multnomah County/Portland: and the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis' Josh Lehner's 2018 in review.