Learning more about a public transit program


Tom Mills   WEA Transportation Committee members heard from Trimet's Tom Mills , as he shared information about the Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund Plan.

   This is a program that originated out of the State Legislature in 2017 (HB2017).
   It is funded from a newly implemented employee paid payroll tax.
   The fund will be used for expansion and an increase in frequent transit service in low income areas; the use of electric or natural gas buses; a fare reduction program for low income riders; improved connections inside and outside TriMet's boundaries; reducing fragmentation in the service; and some student transportation.
   Mills explained that it will take TriMet time to gear up for some of the service improvements, so in the meantime, TriMet will use $50 million of the funding for infrastructure for electric buses, ADA facilities, bus stops, digital displays, and enhance transit concepts.
   On the service side, there are several improvements being planned, including upgrading the frequency of lines 20 (Cedar hills/Barnes/Burnside/Stark) and 76 (Beaverton/Tigard/Tualatin).
   TriMet will be hosting an upcoming open house about service improvements and possible downtown Portland MAX stop closures.
   The open house will be Wednesday, February 13 from 5 - 7pm at the Beaverton Community Center (12350 SW 5th Ave., #100, Beaverton, OR 97005).
   To see more of Mills' presentation, click here.