Planning for the future - North Plains "State of the City"


Mayor Teri Lenahan   North Plains Mayor Teri Lenahan gave her "State of the City" address recently, and it focused a lot on the future of her city.
  Lenahan said the city of about 3,000 residents is projected to grow 50 percent or more over the next five to seven years, as hundreds of new homes are built.
  The Mayor talked about the maintenance and need for upgrading the city's infrastructure, including the building of a new water reservoir that will be online in 2020.
  Downtown revitalization is another priority for North Plains, where urban renewal and economic development could be key.
  Lenahan said the City Council wants to rebrand the town and partner with others like WEA.
   She also thanked partners like Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue for serving the community.
   The Mayor also touched on parks, police, library, schools, and more.
   To learn more about North Plains, visit its website.