Water is the high priority - Banks "State of the City" 


Banks Mayor Pete Edison 2   Mayor Pete Edison gave his sixth "State of the City" address recently and water supply was the big topic. 
   He shared with the audience how his city is looking ahead and preparing for growth.
   Edison said water supply is a top priority for North Plains, and he shared how the city recently put a building moratorium in place for housing developments to protect itself from overwhelming the system.
   He said a study was recently conducted on Banks' water storage, and it showed under the current growth rate and supply, the city needs more water.
   Edison said the city is now studying potential ground and water sources to meet the demand. 
   The city is still allowing building of industrial facilities to help job growth.
   Mayor Edison also talked about transportation projects, an SDC (system development charge) review, economic development, and partnerships with neighboring cities and community organizations.
  TVCTV had a film crew at the "State of the City," so it will be broadcast on its channels.