Hillsboro Airport plan receives stamp of approval

Hillsboro Airport and Corporate Jet   The Port of Portland Commission this week approved a recommended plan for the future of the Hillsboro Airport.
   An 18 member advisory panel spent two years studying the airport's master plan, and their recommendations include:
  • No new runways are needed. Runways are planned to remain the same length and width through the 20-year planning period of the master plan. New taxiways will increase aircraft movement efficiency and improve access to the airfield's north side.
  • A replacement terminal building is planned for the current airport entrance adjacent to Northeast Cornell Road. It will face the primary runway and feature improved vehicle parking. Some of the property fronting Cornell Road may also provide opportunities for non-aviation commercial development. Synergies with the Washington County Fair Complex and Events Center should increase and complement airport development in the Cornell Road area.
  • The north and east side of the airport will accommodate future flight school redevelopment and additional aircraft storage hangars.
  • A portion of undeveloped airport land, not dedicated to aviation needs in the planning period, will be used for the development of compatible non-aviation uses such as light industrial or warehousing.
   "Our work together was intended to help make bridges between communities that might drive past this asset, but might not recognize its value and impact," said committee member Juan Carlos Gonzalez, director of development and communications for Centro Cultural de Washington County. 
   The Hillsboro Airport is home to local corporate flight departments, aircraft charter services, air ambulance services, flight schools, aircraft maintenance and repair operations, corporate air shuttle service, and a U.S. Customs and Border Protection office for international flights.
   To learn more about its Master Plan, click here.