Despite trade uncertainty, Oregon exports grew in 2018


T6 Autos   The U.S. Department of Commerce has released new data showing Oregon exports continued to grow in 2018, despite the uncertain U.S. trade environment.
   Oregon businesses exported products worth $22.3 billion last year to countries around the globe - this is a 1.8 percent increase from 2017.
   Many of these products traveled to markets in Asia, specifically China ($4.7 billion in exports), Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, and Vietnam.
   Oregon's second largest trade partner though is Canada ($3.2 billion in exports).
   The state's most popular products for exporting included computers and electronics, machinery, chemicals, agriculture, and transportation equipment.
   "In a trade-dependent state like ours, we rely on strong trading partnerships to help Oregon farmers feed the world and local businesses continue to grow," said Curtis Robinhold, executive director of the Port of Portland.
   To read more, you can turn to the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis' Josh Lehner's blog.