"State of the City" with Tualatin Leadership


Mayor Frank Bubenik   The "Mid-Day Show" in Tualatin got high ratings in April.
   Tualatin Mayor Frank Bubenik and his city councilors were interviewed "Ellen DeGeneres style" by a very capable substitute for Ellen, Eric Schmidt.
   There was a lot of discussion about transportation, the ongoing work that has been completed and the projects yet to come from the $20 million bond measure that passed last May.
   "Tualatin Moving Forward," Tualatin's transportation bond measure, which is designed to improve safety and relieve congestion, is off to a fast start with four projects already completed.
   Tualatin has the tagline of being the "Welcoming City."
   That message came through with the councilors talking about things like one-third of the residents are on the Nextdoor app; the volunteer CERT term (certified emergency response team); the city's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program; and the extensive translation services for all community members.
   Congratulations to Mayor Bubenik, the city councilors, and Eric Schmidt for an informative and well presented State of the City.