Cornelius voters to see fire levy renewal on ballot


Cornelius Fire   Cornelius voters will have the chance to weigh in on the renewal of the Cornelius Fire Department Operating Levy. 
   The levy renewal is for the same rate it has been - $.487 per $1,000 of assessed value.  
   For an average home with a value of $200,000, this would amount to about $96 per year.
   The Cornelius Fire Department is staffed utilizing both career firefighters and volunteers.
   Unfortunately, none of the volunteers work in Cornelius during the business day and when they are in the city, they respond from home.
   Cornelius has a firefighter internship program to help fill the gap - three interns are on duty each day, working under the supervision of a career firefighter.
   These student volunteers are college students, working on their fire and emergency medical services degrees. 
   To learn more about the Cornelius Fire levy renewal, click here