Joint committee talks regional transportation funding


Joint transportation funding meeting   Members of WEA's Transportation, Government Relations, and Land Use & Housing committees met in July with Metro's Andy Shaw.
  WEA Executive Director and Washington County Commissioner Pam Treece, who also co-chairs Metro's Transportation Funding Task Force, help lead the meeting too.
  Shaw talked about the values and themes around the Task Force's work and the importance of what voters could get for their tax dollars.
   The Task Force has been looking at corridors throughout the region and where accidents occur, where affordable housing is located, and where there is a need for access to jobs.
   Shaw said the Task Force started with a list of 60-75 corridors in the region. 
   He said by looking at equity and safety, the Task Force was able to narrow the list down to 15 corridors.
   Treece said, "There have been struggles, and it's not been an easy process."
   The corridor list is broken into phases, according to Shaw, with the first phase being projects that can be built within five years.
   Shaw also said Metro is looking at a suite of funding tools, and he mentioned Metro's recent added authority to leverage a vehicle registration fee.
   Discussion among committee members suggested the Task Force needs to hear more testimony from the Westside.
   The Community Housing Funds' Sheila Greenlaw-Fink, who attends WEA committee meetings and sits on the Task Force, said a lot of the testimony being heard comes from those living near the Metro office.
   WEA will be looking at coordinating more testimony for this process.
   To learn more about the Regional Transportation Funding Task Force, click here.