Moving forward with energy and transportation


Sept 16 19 Panel Kelsey Pope Treece O Leary   WEA started the week energized for a forum on Monday morning.
   PGE's Maria Pope, TriMet's Doug Kelsey, and Daimler's John O'Leary talked about  their organizations' future outlook in terms of energy and its connection to large electric vehicles - think trucks and buses.
   Trimet also provided an electric bus for a short ride, where Senior Project Manager Young Park explained more about the design of the electric bus, which he said is being replicated in other markets such as Boston.
   O'Leary said this is all about forward thinking and those that lead will be the ones setting the standards. 
   Kelsey said reliability is high on the list when looking at utilizing electric buses, as is resiliency. 
   He said the goal is to do things in a sustainable way that keeps things moving. 
   Pope said PGE is building in resiliency to its system by making plans for these vehicles to charge overnight and to meet its demand for energy. 
   Kelsey was pointing out the advantages of electric buses in terms of fuel costs, noise, and vapor emissions. 
   O'Leary expects electric school buses should be in production by mid-2020.  
   The one tough point for transit organizations is the capital cost. 
   Pope said some are looking into the possibility of converting diesel engines into electric, helping to keep capital costs down. 
   The cost of electric to fuel a bus is less though, according to Pope. 
   To see photos from Monday's forum, visit the WEA Facebook page.