Transportation Committee gets updated on SW Corridor


Transportation Committee 11 13 19   The WEA Transportation Committee heard from TriMet's Kelly Betteridge in regards to the SW Corridor plan.
   TriMet has recently identified some funding gaps for the proposed light rail corridor. 
   Some suggestions to narrow the gap included taking Barbur Boulevard down to one lane each direction or shortening the proposed light rail line to end in Tigard - these suggestions have been left behind.
   Betteridge said the plan is to stay with the locally preferred alternative route, which will travel to Bridgeport and continue to have two car travel lanes with raised bike lanes on Barbur Boulevard.
   The plan's leaders are continuing to look for funding to fill the gap, which is now at $93 million. 
   Betteridge said the City of Portland is adding $65 million in jurisdictional transfer funding, the federal government is expected to kick in another $50 million, and $125 million is anticipated to come from a regional funding measure.
   She said going to Bridgeport was one of the most important aspects of the SW Corridor route.
   TriMet estimates the proposed 12 mile SW Corridor light rail line will have 43,000 riders on average during the weekdays with a 30 minute total commute time between downtown Portland and Bridgeport.
   The hope is to have the light rail line operational by 2027 at a total cost of about $2.7 billion.
   To see Betteridge's PowerPoint slides, click here.
   Washington County's Stephen Roberts and Chris Deffebach also provided the committee with an update about Metro's Transportation Funding Task Force.
   The task force is working on recommendations for future regional transportation projects and funding mechanisms.
  One of the projects that is anticipating funding from the future measure will be the SW Corridor.