Committee talks Sherwood & Clackamas County


Hajduk with LUH Committee 11 20 19   WEA's Land Use & Housing Committee met with the City of Sherwood's Julia Hajduk and Clackamas County's Jamie Morgan-Stasny.
   Hajduk talked about the city's Comprehensive Plan Update.
   She said the city is focused on economic development as a way to balance out jobs and housing.
   It recently hired Economic Development Manager Bruce Coleman.
   Hajduk also spoke about the Tonquin employment area; the annexation area near Brookman Road; and the area where the new Sherwood High School is being built.
Frank Angelo_ Li Alligood_ Jamie Morgan Stasny with Rachel Duke and Sheila Greenlaw-Fink in the background   The committee also heard from Clackamas County's Jamie Morgan-Stasny, who talked about the collaboration around the county's Housing Needs Analysis; the plan it has for the affordable housing bond; and discussions around transportation and land use in the Sunrise Corridor.